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Food Industry: X-Ray Inspection Systems

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Food Industry:

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Advanced Design - Optimal Inspection

Cassel X-Ray inspection systems provide maximum sensitivity for detection of foreign bodies and other quality features such as detection of missing or defective products.

The XBD10 is particularly suitable for packaged food or non-food products, for example in jars, boxes, plastic packaging and even metal foils or metal cans. Undesirable contaminants such as metal, stone, ceramic, glass or plastic with high density can be detected in the product.

Made in Germany - High Standards

The superior high-performance software “XIA“ makes possible instant analysis and detection with high accuracy and reliability, thus avoiding false rejects. The flawless design offers maximum safety and comfort for daily operations to the quality conscious producer. In this way, Cassel x-ray inspection systems preserve your product quality and provide reliable protection of your brand.

The certified process control system “SHARKNET®“ is optionally available and allows automatic storage of collected operational data and thus complies with certification programs and HACCP requirements.

Easy Cleaning

The hygienic design allows easiest cleaning and maintenance of the XBD10, without any tools. Through conveyor's quick release, the conveyor belt can be removed in five easy steps for cleaning. The Xray protection curtains can be removed by just pushing one button. After cleaning the belt and the curtains can be placed back just as easily. Like this, the device is quickly ready for operation again.

Principles of X-Ray

X-Ray uses a generator to project a beam of low energy X-Rays through the product onto a sensor.

What X-Ray Can Detect

  • DETECTABLE is Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Stone, Bone, Teflon, PVC
  • NOT DETECTABLE is Water, Hair, Cherry pits, Insects, Wood, PP, Ice, UHMW, Nylon

Possibilities of X-Ray Techniques

  • Easy to Detect: metal (>1 mm), stones (>2 mm), glass (>3 mm), bones (>3 mm) in homogeneous products Metal (also stainless steel) in packages of aluminium-foil Unfilled sections in packages, air bubbles, lumps
  • Difficult to Detect: Metal, stones, glass, bones in inhomogeneous products PVC + PTFE plastic

X-Ray Samples

X-Ray Sample

X-Ray Sample

Cassel XBD10 X-Ray Inspection System
Cassel XBD40 X-Ray Inspection System
Cassel XBD40 X-Ray Inspection System
Cassel XBD X-Ray Screen
X-Ray Samples



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