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Wood Industry: Metal Detectors

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  Wood Metal Detectors...

Cassel METAL SHARK® BIG metal detectors are used world wide to protect expensive equipment from damage by metal object.

Large opening in rectangle or octagon aperture. Highest metal sensitivity due to exclusive 4 channel DDS and DSP microprocessor. Single board microprocessor with multiple filters eliminate undesirable noise.

Cassel Metal Shark® BIG pba metal detectors are the preferred choice of leading OEM suppliers of MDF, particleboard and OSB equipment. These suppliers include Metso, Dieffenbacher and Siempelkamp.

Aluminum housings provide total shielding against transient influences that can cause false tripping. Exclusive 4 channel DDS and DSP microprocessor provides high sensitivity and stability. Aperture widths up to 14.8 feet available.

Metal Shark® BIG metal detectors
Metal Shark® BIG pba metal detectors

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