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Textile Industry: Metal Detectors

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  Textile Industry Metal Detectors...

Single Flat Coil:

Model: FL.

Mount single coil unit above or below product to inspect for metal contaminates. Single coils can be connected to provide sensing width up to 26 feet. The FL is ideal for Felt, Textile and Fleece applications where high sensitivity is required. Electronics feature the latest 4 channel DDS and DSP processor for high sensitivity and stability in environmental application with electrical noise.

Multi Coil Systems:

Model: COMBI.

The ultimate in sensitivity typically featuring multiple sensors of 12 inch widths. Configured in two rows with overlapping fields to assure compete sensing at any width. Sensors are mounted to strong frame with the number of sensors based on total width required. Individual electronics with each sensor with a master electronics controller allow the ultimate sensitivity and reliability. All settings and operation are controlled via the master controller for simple operation. The latest high speed 4 channel DDS and DSP processor provides detection down to 0.3 mm (based on distance from sensor.

Cassel FL Metal Detector at Work
Cassel Combi Metal Detector

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