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Aggregate Industry: Safety Switches

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• LRS004 Illustration

• LRS004 Instruction Manual (712 KB)

HEN Illustration

• HEN Instruction Manual (852 KB)

• HEN EX Literature (664 KB)

• HEN EX Instruction Manual (1 MB)

PRS Illustration

• PRS Instruction Manual (11 MB)

Aggregate Industry:

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  Kiepe Safety Switches...

LRS 004 Single Pull Safety Switch

The Kiepe Elektrik Single Pull Safety Switch is activated by pulling a plastic coated steel cable or pressing the red stop button. This action will trip and automatically lock the switches, de-energizing the conveyor. After tripping, the blue knob resets the switch.

  • 65 Foot Cable Length (Stand-Alone Unit)

  • Cast Aluminum Housing

  • 100 Foot Cable Length (With External Tension Spring)

LRS 004 Single Pull Safety Switch  

Dual Pull Safety Switches

The Kiepe Elektrik Dual Pull Safety Switches provide a switching system to isolate the power to conveyor systems and other process equipment in the event of an emergency. Pulling the cable operates the actuating lever, which trips the internal cam to the off position. Resetting the switch can only be achieved by means of the reset lever.

  • 330 Foot Cable Length

  • Cam-Operated Switch Elements

  • Aluminum, Cast Iron or Naval Brass Housings

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 Explosion Proof Models Available

Hen 001 Dual Pull Safety Switch  

PRS Dual Pull Safety Switches

The New Kiepe Elektrik PRS Dual Pull Safety Switches are constructed of high impact fiber reinforced Ultramid. This economical switch is ideal for all applications including corrosive environments.

  • 330 Foot Cable Length

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Fiberglass Housing

PRS 101  

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