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Food Industry: Gravity Feed Systems

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  Cassel Conveyor Metal Detection System Application...
Customer Name:
Zip Code:
Product to be Monitored:
Max. Dimensions of
Products (l x w x h):
Consistency of Product
(Dry, Moist, Salty):
Temperature of Products:
If the products have to be monitored in the packed state, please specify the type of packing:

Required Aperture: Width: (in/mm)
Height: (in/mm)
Supply Voltage Required: Single Phase VAC
Is there an existing conveyor belt suitable for installing the sensor? Yes: No:

Conveyor Belt: Please provide information in feet, inches or mm.
Belt Width: (2" less than aperture width)
Conveyor Length:
In Feed Height:
Out Feed Height:
Control Location: Right: (belt runs left to right)
Left: (belt runs right to left)
Casters & Brakes: -or- Floor Mount:
Automatic Reject System: Yes: No:
If Yes, Mounting Side of System?
Wash Down: Standard: High Pressure:
Standard Belt Control Buttons (Start/Stop/Reset):
-or- Optional Keyed Lock for Reset:

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