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Pharmaceutical Industry: Metal Detectors

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• Metal Shark PH

• Metal Shark PH 52


  Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors...

Cassel Metal Shark PH metal detectors offer the latest state of the art DIGITAL electronics to provide Ultra Sensitivity and Reliability for your pharmaceutical applications. Cassel PH metal detectors are used at the outlet of tablet presses to provide the most reliable and highest performance in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals. 

We offer both Round and Rectangle Aperture systems to fit your applications. Sanitary mirror polished Stainless Steel / Plastic reject devices provide high speed elimination of any contaminated product. Stainless Steel height adjustable stand with castors and fixed feet allow for flexibility of your system in your plant. Performance Validation prompts the operator to test the metal detector at preset times as determined by your QA department.

Metal Shark Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

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