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Aggregate Industry: Misalignment Switches

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  Kiepe Misalignment Switches...



Kiepe Belt Misalignment Switches are used in conveyor monitoring the belt travel. When mounted at the running edges of a conveyor belt, the switches will be operated if the belt deviates from it's designed running line by more than the permissible distance.

  • Maintenance Free Switches

  • Snap Actuating Switches

  • Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron and Naval Brass Housing

  • Available in Zone 1 and Zone 2 "Explosion Proof" Models


This Kiepe misalignment switch is designed for operation on conveyors with belt speeds up to 300 fpm. At 12 degrees from vertical, the VG switch will go into pre-alarm. At 45 degrees cutout will occur and it will be latched. The switch is reset by hand after being latched. There are different contacts (N.O.- Normally Open, N.C.-Normally Closed) available for pre-alarm and final cutout.

Kiepe VG Misalignment Switch  


Constructed of fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. These Kiepe belt misalignment switches are resistant to ammonia and can operate under extreme and harsh environments such as salt mines, composting, recycling plants as well as ocean port areas with high salt air content. Standard features include two self-cleaning switching elements. Switching points at 10 degrees and 25 degrees.

kiepe MRS Belt Misaligment Switch  


All external parts are either stainless steel or specialty plated. This unit is designed for operation in severe conditions. The actuating roller is 1.77 inches and mounted on stainless steel bearings for years of serviceability at high belt speeds. Both contacts have adjustable switching point angles. These switches can be used with belts traveling up to 900 fpm.

Kiepe HES Misalignment Switch  


Available in two styles.Type 001-004: Cast iron Housing ideally suited for mining or corrosive conditions. All external parts are either stainless steel or specially plated. 1.77 inch roller. These switches have a 15 degree pre-alarm with final cutout and latch at 45 degrees. Best suited for belts traveling up to 900 fpm.

Type 102 and 105 (shown): Cast iron housing with the same features as the type 001-004 units with the exception of an oversized roller of stainless steel. The roller of 4.25 inches diameter is ideally suited for belts traveling in excess of 900 fpm. This unit also includes two N.O. and two N.C. contacts.

SES Switch  

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