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Metal Shark® Metal Detectors


MCR Technologies Group is the North American agent for the Cassel full line of Metal Shark® Metal Detectors in North America. The Cassel Metal Shark® Metal Detectors are suited for application in the food, pharmaceutical, wood, textile-woven and recycling industries. The Metal Shark® Metal Detectors are designed to meet the strictest standards to monitor for metal impurities or metal contaminants.

Metal Shark® Metal Detection is accomplished by detecting a change in the magnetic field surrounding the material being inspected. All types of metal: non-ferrous, ferrous and stainless steel may be detected. Sensitivity may be controlled to detect the level of unwanted impurity.

The Metal Shark® Metal Detector may be used in applications including raw material, liquid, paste and packaged finished goods. Metal detection may be accomplished in piping systems, gravity flow and conveyor systems. In-line reject devices are available to remove the impure product.

The Metal Shark® Metal Detectors include the latest technology in electronics for the highest reliability and extended live for dependable service.
If you would like to learn more information about the Cassel Metal Shark® Metal Detectors for the food, pharmaceutical, wood, textile-woven and recycling industry or about metal detection applications in general, please continue on to the rest of our website, where you will find useful information metal detectors. MCR is ready to quote a metal detector to meet your specific application requirements. Just call us at 877-622-3181 to discuss your needs.

MCR Technologies Group also offers a line of Weigh Shark® Belt Scales for the aggregate industry, EAB metal detectors for aggregate industry, Cassel Weigh Shark Check Weighers and Kiepe switches and conveyor safety equipment. Please explore other pages of our web site for further information.

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