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Cassel Metal Shark Control Unit

For More Information, download the PDF files below:

• Metal Shark Electronics Manual (904 KB)

• Metal Shark2 Electronics Manual (7.8 MB)

• Metal Shark Control Unit (1.3 MB)

• Metal Shark General (1.2 MB)

• Metal Shark Conveyor System (112 KB)

• Metal Shark Gravity Feed System (84 KB)

• Metal Shark Pipeline System (96 KB)

• Metal Shark BIG (168 KB)

• Metal Shark FL, Flat Probe (100 KB)

• Metal Shark R (132 KB)

• Metal Shark® TU (248 KB)

• Cassel Product Overview (1.3 MB)

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  Metal Shark® Control Unit...

The New Generation in Metal Detecting Technology

Cassel introduces Metal Shark, with its completely new design. Metal Shark offers outstanding sensitivity and precision product-effect-compensation through SINGLE board DIGITAL technology.

The new Metal Shark offers high performance at a low cost level due to modern production processes.

Power supply


Auto. select 85 264 V/50 60 Hz, 50 Watts




Degree of protection


Sensor IP67 (NEMA 4, 4x, 6, 12 and 13)
Control unit IP65 (optional IP67)






Stainless steel construction




Ambient temperature


-10…50 °C / 15…120 °F




Aperture width


Standard 50–1000 mm / 2–40 inches




Aperture height


Standard 50–500 mm / 2–20 inches




Conveyor speed


1…120 m/min.






Balanced pair of inductive coils






No maintenance required
Self adjusting of all circuits
Self-monitoring of device function
Automatic balance control
Automatic frequency setting
One board technology (= highest reliability)
Digital signal processor (DSP)
Direct digital synthesizer (DDS)
Dynamic digital signal filter




User interface


Keyboard, LC-Display
Intuitive, self-explaining menus
Programmable function keys F1, F2
LED bar meter shows metal signal amplitude
Set-up manager for start-up and product calibration
(Manager = Software help guide through all required settings)
Product memory for 50 different set-ups
Timer for reject device control




In/Out signals


Metal relay changeover contact (max 250 V/1 A)
Metal alarm signal for PLC (out 24 V/20 mA)
Fault relay changeover contact (max 250 V/1 A)
Reject device drive output (24 V DC)
Reject trigger input (24 V DC)
Control input for air pressure of reject device (24 V DC)
Control input for reject success (24 V DC)
Remote input for metal reset push button (24 V DC)
Remote input to lock keyboard against unauthorized access (24 V DC)
24 V DC/100 mA supply output for accessories (light, horn, etc.)




Data logging


RS232, RS485, – or – optional Ethernet 10 Mbit/s




Optional accessories


Conveyor unit (Standard and Custom)
Belt control unit (incl. frequency inverter for variable belt speed)
Reject devices (transversal pusher, air jet nozzle, etc.)
Warning light
Alarm horn
Logging printer
Remote product memory selector switch


Cassel Metal Detector
Metal Shark Display
Metal Shark Display
Metal Shark 2 Controller

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