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Food Industry: Check Weigher

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MCR Technologies Group is the North American agent for the Cassel full line of Weigh Shark Automatic Check Weighers in North America. Improve your quality control by check weighing inspection with one of our automatic in-motion check weigher systems. Using the Cassel Weigh Shark controller, product weights from 0.14 ounces to 132 pounds may be precisely weighed for accurate delivery.

Each product is accurately weighed while running over the conveyor and over or under units are rejected. The Cassel Weigh Shark Check Weigher supports weighing of up to 230 products per minute at a maximum line speed of 295 feet per minute depending on product physical size characteristics.

The Weigh Shark Check Weigher controller may be connected to various external equipment (barcode scanner, inkjet printer, metal detector, filling machine etc.) and is easily integrated through advanced I/O interfaces. Integrating a Weigh Shark Check Weigher and a Metal Shark® Metal Detectors is an excellent way to complete your product inspection process for weight accuracy and detecting for metal impurities.

The Cassel Weigh Shark Check Weigher is available with a selection of reject devises to sort out the out of tolerance products. Air blast, pusher, slide, flip and drop out are a few of the reject devices available. A ticket printer with a summary of the inspections completed is available to track the history of product throughput.


Weigh Shark Check Weigher
Weigh Shark Check Weigher

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